You need to experience what Grace first, for you to be able to extend it to others.

I celebrated my 31st birthday last October 5 and this is when friends would ask me what God revealed to me during my birthday.

If there is one word that would describe this new season, it is the word GRACE.

Yes, I understood what Grace means and I know that it is an undeserved gift / merit from God. For years I feel like there’s nothing new until such time when I hit my 31st birthday. It helped me to embrace what it is and be able to apply it immediately.

An incident came when it required me to “LISTEN and OBEY GOD”. It was an attitude of pride that needs to be dealt with someone very close to me because something unexpected happened (what the person did made me so frustrated). Through this situation I was able to pay attention on what is the right thing to do but the my flesh is saying the opposite (don’t do it, just do the safer thing, or maybe just delay it and do the most convenient thing for me). It is really a struggle and knowing that without the grace of God I will just neglect to reconcile with her.

But then the feeling of praying for that person is so strong even if I know that my heart is not yet sold out talking to her (too much pride. haha). Few mins after, I talked to the person, gave a gift, and hugged her so tight and prayed for her. It was a time of reconciliation with her and realigned my heart towards God. I chose to obey after I listened to God because I know that I will never get away with Him especially when He is in the business of molding our character.

After praying, the person asked me for another thing, and I just told God, this is too much (after the present and praying) but then I realized it is the same thing what God did to me before, I sinned, He forgave me, and still blesses me with so many things which I really don’t deserve. So I end up giving rather than withholding it to the person. It is GRACE. It is something you do not deserve but because of God’s love we get to experience heaven on earth.

When GRACE is so real, you will always be in awe of His goodness and you will really end up extending it to others as well.

 “But as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in our love for you—see that you excel in this act of grace also.” 2 Corinthians 8:7 ESV




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