Is it still worth it?

Is it worth it?
A friend who works abroad randomly asked me if it’s still worth it to work in the government? Maybe because she is hearing and reading news about what is happening here and she knows where I am working ever since.

Surprisingly, it took me few mins to ponder and answered her question. All I can hear is the depth of my breathe then I told her, Yes! I think it is still worth it. Tho, I know deep in my heart it’s difficult esp with all the challenges we’re facing as a nation. Someone who is exposed in politics for a decade and never experienced this kind of season is such nerve wracking. Sometimes Ijust wanna shout it out (on top of a mountain) but instead you cry I out to the Lord. I am still grateful because I know that God called me in such a time like this and it is for His purpose that’s why I’m here. I’m thankful coz I can still see leaders who has a genuine concern for our nation and people as well.
Again, it will always be a privilege to serve our country in any way. I just hope and pray that I will have a great endurance to finish the race and fulfill God’s purpose in my life.

All I can say is that we will continue to fight the good fight of faith until we see a better nation for the next generation.


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